ACE Science Team Meeting Minutes and Presentations

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ACE-STM2018-October Presentations

ACE-STM2017-November Presentations

ACE-STM2016-May Presentations

ACE-STM2015-November Presentations

ACE-STM2014-September Presentations (about 116 Mbytes)

ACE-STM2014-April Presentations (about 13 Mbytes)

ACE-STM2013-September Presentations (about 105 Mbytes)

ACE-STM2012-May Minutes (about 87 Mbytes)

ACE-STM2011-November Minutes (about 70 Mbytes)

ACE-STM2011-June Minutes (about 55 Mbytes)

ACE-STM2009-April Minutes (about 30 Mbytes)

ACE-STM2008-October Minutes (about 68 Mbytes)

ACE-STM2008-February Minutes (about 33 Mbytes)

ACE-STM2007-October Minutes (about 38 Mbytes)

ACE-STM2007-May Minutes (about 75 Mbytes)

ACE-STM2006-November Minutes (about 40 Mbytes)

ACE-STM2006-April Minutes (about 42 Mbytes)

ACE-STM2005-November Minutes (about 45 Mbytes)

ACE-STM2005-April Minutes (about 47 Mbytes)

ACE-STM 2004-October Minutes (about 37 Mbytes)

ACE-STM 2004-April Minutes (about 17 Mbytes)

ACE-STM 2003-October Minutes (about 30 Mbytes)

ACE-STM 2002-November Minutes (about 40 Mbytes)

ACE-STM 2002-April Minutes (about 26 Mbytes)

ACE-STM 2001-Oct Minutes (about 17 Mbytes)

ACE-STM 2001-Feb Minutes (about 11 Mbytes)

ACE-STM 2000-Oct Minutes (about 20 Mbytes)

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updated: Jan 7 2008