GOOD Shock Solutions


Shock candidates accepted as true shocks are chosen in an automated fashion and are recorded as "GOOD" shocks. The criteria for accepting a shock candidate as a true shock include: Mass Flux/uncertainty > 3.0, Vs/uncertainty > 2.9, Tang Mom/uncertainty > 0.5, and MA > 0.7. Only when these conditions are met, a shock is accepted as a "good" shock. The following listing contains all recent good shocks, most recent being the top shock solution.

The automated shock analysis not only provides a solution, but it also provides a numerical diagnostic to check whether the shock candidate is an actual shock. A 100 point system was designed to determine whether a shock candidate is (1) a strong shock and (2) the solution is valid based on uncertainties. A top score of 100 means the solution has low uncertainties and the candidate is a strong shock. The following point system was applied to the shock solutions:
Points Criteria
5 Mass Flux/uncertainty > 4.5
5 Tang Mom/uncertainty > 1.5
10 MA - uncertainty > 4.2
15 Vs/uncertainty > 14
10 Vs uncertainty < 35
10 Th_Bn uncertainty < 1.7
20 r_n - uncertainty > 2.9
25 r_b - uncertainty > 1.9

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