February 7 - 8,   2001
Caltech Campus
Winnett Center, 2nd Floor Lounge
Building 51

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General Information

The next ACE Team meeting is to be held February 7 to 8 at Caltech. It will be a 2 day meeting. The first 1.5 days will be devoted to the science and operations reports similar to last time. The last afternoon (from 1 to ~5 pm on Thursday) will involve a smaller group (membership TBD) and be devoted to planning for the Senior Review Proposal.

(For those of you involved in Voyager, the Voyager Team is meeting at JPL Feb. 5 and 6.)

While you are at the meeting messages can be sent to you at (626) 395-6611 and faxes can be sent to (626) 449-8676.

We have obtained a waiver from the Pasadena authorities that allows all-day parking on Arden Road on Feb. 7 and 8. Arden Road is a residential street off of California Blvd., directly South of Downs Lab (building 47) on the Caltech Map.

Internet Access
Guest accounts have been set up to enable you to access the internet. Terminals will be available in the Synchrotron, Room 204 from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Caltech Space Radiation Lab personnel at the meeting should be able to guide you there.

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Meeting Agenda

Here is the agenda as of Feb 5, 2001.

ACE Team Meeting
Wednesday February 7, 2001
Winnett Center Lounge (Building 51 2nd floor)

 830   Call to Order/Opening Remarks                              Stone

       Open Items from October Meeting                            Mewaldt

       Local announcements                                        Mewaldt

       Spacecraft Operations Status                               TBD
         (S/C, Instruments)

       SIS Instrument Status                                      Leske

       SEPICA HV Testing Status                                   Popecki

       ULEIS door algorithm simulation report                     Mason

       Science Center Report                                      Davis

       ACE Science Reports for NASA HQ                                           
          Summary of Earlier Reports                              Mewaldt
          Status: Bastille Day Highlights                         Discussion
                        Local Cloud Metallicity, others


       Brookhaven calibration for UH ions                         Mason

       Update on UH ions                                          Mazur

 1010  Break                                                                     

 1020  FIP Fractionation in SEPs and the Solar Wind               Mewaldt

       3He and heavies in interplanetary shocks                   Mason

       SEP Event Context - color spectrograms                     Wiedenbeck

       Extension of SEPICA charge state measurements to           Popecki
                 STOF energies

       Relative Timing of Solar Energetic Electron Impulsive      Roelof
                 Injections and Solar Electromagnetic Emissions

 1145  LUNCH                                                                      

 1245  Application of Leaky Box Propagation to the                Webber
                 High Precision ACE Data

       GSI accelerator cross-section analysis progress            J. George

       ACR Time variations                                        Sollitt

       Voyager/ACE data comparisons                               Lukasiak

       He cone observations 1998 - 2000                           Gloeckler

       Anisotropy measurements with SIS                           Leske

       CIR source populations based on charge state               Moebius

       Particle Acceleration at CIRs                              Giacalone

 1500  Break                                                                       

 1515  Bastille day Observations                                  Smith

       Bastille day observations from SWICS, II                   Zurbuchen

       Magnetic Fluctuations during May 10-12, 1999               Smith

       High latitude at solar max as seen with SWICS/ULysses      Gloeckler

       Suprathermal Electron Emissions                            Skoug

       Interplanetary Aspects of the May 1-4, 1998 Period         Popecki

       Comparision of Proton and Alpha Measurements               Skoug
                 at ACE and Wind

 1700  Adjourn
 1800  ICE Breaker/Dinner at TBA

Thursday, February 8, 2001
Winnett Lounge

 830   Senior Review Proposal Discussion

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We have obtained a waiver from the Pasadena authorities that allows all-day parking on Arden Road on Feb. 7 and 8. Arden Road is a residential street off of California Blvd., directly South of Downs Lab (building 47) on the Caltech Map.

The meeting is in the 2nd floor lounge of Winnett Center, which is building 51 on the Caltech Map. Winnett center and several likely parking spots are noted on the map. We recommend you park either on Arden Road, or in the California Blvd. parking lot (South of campus) or in the new parking structure on Wilson Ave. (East of campus). In the parking lots, park only in unmarked parking spaces, otherwise you're likely to get ticketed or towed. It's less than 5 minutes walk from either lot to Winnett center.

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