February 18, 2008
Space Sciences Lab (SSL)
UC Berkeley, CA


The next ACE Team meeting is to be held February 18, 2008, at SSL, UC Berkeley.

Meeting Agenda

Final Agenda

Please contact Richard Mewaldt to propose agenda items.


The following links provide some information that might be helpful for your visit to SSL. If you will be driving, please ignore the parking instructions at the link below and park in the lot in front of the SSL building instead. We will have parking passes available, but due to limited parking, all meeting participants are strongly encouraged to either carpool or take the campus Shuttle (H Line) to SSL.

The campus shuttle will NOT be operating on February 18th (President's Day). Thus, to get up the hill to SSL, you will need to drive a car, hitch a ride with somebody who has a car, or take a taxi (or possibly an AC Transit bus).

If you are not familiar with Berkeley Campus, here is UC Berkeley Campus Map:
Click on the "Strawberry Canyon" link to find SSL.

For lodging, you can find a list of hotels on the SSL website. Please make your own arrangements. We recommend this hotel near Telegraph Ave:
Hotel Durant which is one block from UC Berkeley Campus. For those who don't have a car, it is a good choice.

You will find a list of nearby restaurants at the following link:

For further information on lodging and access to SSL please email Yaling Zhu: yaling(at)

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Last Updated: 24 January 2008