March 8 - 10,   2000
Caltech Campus
Winnett Center, 2nd Floor Lounge
Building 51

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General Information

While you are at the meeting messages can be sent to you at (626) 395-6611 and faxes can be sent to (626) 449-8676.

Internet Access
Guest accounts have been set up to enable you to access the internet. Terminals will be available in the Synchrotron, Room 204 from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Caltech Space Radiation Lab personnel at the meeting should be able to guide you there.

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Meeting Agenda

A draft agenda is being prepared and will be distributed asap.

At the last meeting, in Michigan, it was agreed that March 8 and 9 would be devoted to science discussions and status reports and that March 10 would be devoted to splinter meetings. Please send proposed agenda items and ideas for the splinter meetings to Andrew Davis and Dick Mewaldt.

Status Reports
These will most likely be on Wednesday morning. Instrument status reports are not necessary unless there are important issues to discuss. We currently expect the following reports:

Science Topics
As in Michigan, we will arrange science presentations by topic. Please send topics that you wish to discuss to both of us so that we can arrange a draft agenda.

The following science topics have been proposed so far by ACE science team members

G. Gloeckler: Solar wind and pickup He+ ions during the
              "Whale of a CIR" event.

              Interstellar Helium temperature from the 1998 and 1999
              focusing cones.

              Interception of Comet Hyakutake's 3.5 AU long ion tail with

T.H. Zurbuchen: Freeze-in signatures of expanding CMEs.

              Small scale structure of the slow solar wind.

R. Skoug: Solar wind halo electron beam widths: an association between
              narrow strahls and CMEs.

              Radial variations of solar wind structure and electron signatures
              in a magnetic cloud observed at both 1 and 5 AU.

E.C. Roelof: Coronal time histories of 40-300 keV electron beam impulsive
              injections: Evidence from EPAM events mounts in favor of
              acceleration by coronal shocks

S.E. Hawkins: Compendium of EPAM 40-300 keV electron beam events
              identified with an anisotropy diagnostic parameter:  An ACE
              resource from launch until the present

D.K. Haggerty: A solar-terrestrial history of the 24 June 1998 CME/magnetic
              cloud/shock:  From SOHO/LASCO images to MAG, SWEPAM, and EPAM
              signatures at ACE

G.C. Ho: Statistical study of 3He/electron events from launch to January
              2000:  A ULEIS/EPAM/SIS collaboration.

J. Giacalone: recent simulation results of impulsive flares.	      

E. Moebius: CIRs (Joe Mazur's "Whale of a CIR" event). Source populations.

Glenn Mason/Joe Dwyer:  22Ne/20Ne update;   CIRs

Mihir Desai:  interplanetary shock events

Joe Mazur:  More SEP charge state comparisons: ACE & SAMPEX

Christina Cohen: Shock Event Forecasting with SIS

M.E. Weidenbeck: 3He in large SEP events and during quiet times.

R.A. Mewaldt: Fip Fractionation in SEPs

W.R. Webber: A Precision Comparison of leaky box model Calculations
             and ACE/HEAO Measurements of the Charge and Isotopic
             Composition of Cosmic Rays (also a possible splinter mtg. topic)

E.R. Christian: ACR/GCR time variations

W.R. Binns: Ne isotope measurements.

The following splinter meeting topics have been suggested

1) JHU/APL: Our group of attendees had already agreed with Christina Cohen to
sit down sometime and go over progress on our joint ULEIS/EPAM/SIS project
on 3He/electron events.  This might be a splinter activity.

2) JHU/APL: Joe Mazur has sent us data for a single event  (9-10 Jan 1999)
containing "dropouts" in the low energy heavies (as seen in the swoosh
plots).  Friday might be a good time to sit down with him (and anyone else
interested), although we haven't gone beyond a preliminary examination of
this particular event.  Consequently, you might not regard this as an
"official" splinter activity unless it fits into another related splinter
request (which we would be glad to join, in that case).

3) W.R. Webber: charge and isotopic composition of galactic cosmic rays
and propagation predictions.

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