October 6,   2003
Sagebrush Inn
Taos, NM

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General Information

The next ACE Team meeting is to be held Monday October 6, 2003, at the Sagebrush Inn, Taos, NM.

The meeting will be the day before the ACE/RHESSI/Wind workshop (October 7-9) and will be in the same location.

Meeting Agenda - 2nd DRAFT

830		Call to Order/Opening Remarks					Stone
		Local announcements						Gosling
 		Open items from the last ACE SWT				Mewaldt
 		Remarks from Headquarters					Christian/ Holmes
		Senior Review Report						Stone
		Progress on the S3DPU Patch					Popecki, Moebius
		Flight Operations Report			 
		Real-Time Solar-Wind Report and ACE/NOAA issues			 
		Discrepancy between RTSW and Level-2 MAG Data			Davis
		ASC Report							Davis
		ASC and the Virtual Heliospheric Observatory			Davis
1000		Break			
1030		Science Topics (15-20 minutes each)			 
		High-latitude CMEs - the View from ACE and Ulysses		Zurbuchen
		Solar Wind Scaling Law						Schwadron
		New Abundance Measurements and FIP Fractionation Patterns	Mewaldt
		Heavy and UH Abundances in He3-rich Events - 			Mason et al.
		  Implications for Acceleration			
1150		Lunch			
1300		Heliospheric Special Issue					Moebius
		EOS Article							Smith
		Heliospheric Particle Propagation				Roelof
		Progress on Spectra, Composition, and Trapping of Heavy Ions	Desai
		    at Interplanetary Shocks.			
		Update on the Helium Focus Cone					Gloeckler
		Anomalous Cosmic Rays at Solar Maximum				Stone
		Pickup Ions from Yet Another Comet				Gloeckler
		Fluence Spectra: 1997 - 2002					Mewaldt
 		Plans for Future Meetings and Workshops			
		Review of Action Items						Mewaldt
		Schedule Next Meeting						Stone

Hotel Information

The ACE/RHESSI/Wind workshop organizers have reserved a large block of rooms at the Sagebrush Inn in Taos at government rates. Meeting participants need to reserve their room no later than September 5. After that date the rooms will be released to the general public. Reservations can be made by September 5 at the Sagebrush Inn and Conference Center (505)758-2254 or (800)428-3626 (ask for ACE/RHESSI Meeting/NIS-1).

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