October 11 - 12,   2004
Caltech Campus
Winnett Center, 2nd Floor Lounge
Building 51


General Information

The next ACE Team meeting is to be held October 11 and 12, 2004, at Caltech.
Please email Stacia Rutherford if you are planning to attend the meeting. Also, let her know if you would like to have parking permits mailed to you ahead of time.

While you are at the meeting messages can be sent to you at (626) 395-6611 and faxes can be sent to (626) 449-8676.

Internet Access
Guest accounts will be set up to enable you to access the internet. Terminals will be available in the Synchrotron, Room 204 from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Caltech Space Radiation Lab personnel at the meeting should be able to guide you there.

In addition, wireless access is available within Winnett Center. Contact Andrew Davis for details.

Meeting Agenda

The latest agenda. If this agenda causes scheduling problems for anyone, please let Dick Mewaldt know.

Hotel Information

A list of local hotels that have negotiated special rates with Caltech. You should be able to get these rates just by saying you are attending a meeting at Caltech. If not, please let us know.

Other Hotels and General Pasadena Information

Pasadena Convention and Visitors Bureau

Maps, Directions, Parking

Map of airports and Pasadena

Click here for Map of Caltech

The meeting is in the 2nd floor lounge of Winnett Center, which is building 51 on the Caltech Map. Winnett center and several likely parking spots are noted on the map.

You may park in either unmarked or visitor parking spots in any of Caltech's parking lots.
You will need a visitor parking permit, whether you park in an unmarked or a visitor parking spot (Visitor spots are colored green).
You may obtain a permit in advance by contacting Stacia Rutherford Or, you can stop by the security office in the Holliston Ave. parking structure before you park.

We recommend you park either in one of the parking structures on Wilson Ave (East of campus), or in the Holliston Ave. parking structure (West side of campus). The Holliston Ave. parking structure has a large number of visitor parking spots on the top level. The parking lot south of California blvd is not a good bet - major construction work is going on in that area.
It's less than 5 minutes walk from either lot to Winnett center.

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Last Updated: 5 April 2004