Hierarchical Data Format

HDF is a library and platform independent data format for the storage and exchange of scientific data. It includes C, Fortran, and Java calling interfaces, and utilities for analyzing and converting HDF data files.

HDF was developed and supported by NCSA, and is freely available. It is used world-wide in many fields, including Environmental Science, Neutron Scattering, Non-Destructive Testing, and Aerospace, to name a few.

Scientific projects that use HDF include NASA's Mission to Planet Earth, and the DOE's Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative.

All ACE data available to the scientific community (Browse, Level 1, Level 2, ancillary) are formatted using HDF version 4. However, this is transparent to most users of ACE data, since the ASC provides online tools to download the data in other formats (text, plots, etc.) The ASC uses HDF version 4.1r2.

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