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The Interpretation of Data from the Cosmic Ray Isotoppe Spectrometer on ACE

The proposed program will emphasize precision in the galactic propagation and solar modulation calculations, achieved by independent calculations by the CRIS investigators and our proposed team. The very precise new isotopic abundances obtained from this study will then be used to provide definitive answers to many key questions related to the origin and propagation of cosmic rays. These include the decay of K-capture nuclei and their role in understanding possible IS reacceleration and IP energy loss; the determination of the precise source abundance for many rarer cosmic ray nuclei; and a re-evalution of the effects of solar modulation and interstellar propagation with the goal of reducing these uncertainties to a level consistent with the CRIS data accuracy. This study has the potential of not only dramatically refocusing our understanding of the acceleration of cosmic rays, but also providing critical answers to several interdisciplinary problems in astrophysics ranging from element production in the early universe to the dynamics of supernova explosions.


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