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The following have been selected by NASA to be funded as ACE Guest Investigators. These investigations will start during the fall of 1998. For additional information on these studies, please contact the Principal Investigators.

Principal Investigator Institution Title of Proposal
Giacalone, Joe
University of Arizona Theory and Modeling of Energetic-Particle Composition, Spectra, Anisotropies, and Time Variations in Support of the Advanced Composition Explorer
Abstract and addresses
Higdon, James C.
Claremont McKenna College The Cosmic Ray Path Length Distribution Expected from the Local Space and Time Dependent Supernova Distribution
Abstract and addresses
Lazarus, Alan J.
MIT Intercalibration and Cross-correlation of ACE and WIND Solar Wind Data
Abstract and addresses
Lee, Martin A.
University of New Hampshire Ion Acceleration and Transport in Impulsive and Gradual Solar Flares
Abstract and addresses
Share, Gerald H.
Naval Research Lab. Search for 7Be During Periods of High Solar Activity
Abstract and addresses
Tylka, Allan J.
Naval Research Lab. Multi-Spacecraft Observations of Large Solar Particle Events in Solar Cycle 23
Abstract and addresses
Webber, William R.
New Mexico State University A Proposal to Assist in the Interpretation of Data from the Cosmic Ray Isotope Spectrometer on ACE
Abstract and addresses
Zank, Gary P.
Bartol Research Institute Composition and Abundance Ratios of Anomalous and Galactic Cosmic Rays: Implications of ACE Observations
Abstract and addresses

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