SAMPEX Data Center News

July, 2007
1-second energetic particle count rates from the LICA instrument and 100-millisecond >400 keV Electron count rates from the PET instrument are now online. The documentation for these data are under construction.

Trapped Anomalous Cosmic Ray (ACR) oxygen intensities (1992 - 2000) are now online (in the Longer term averages/special products area).

May, 2007
Attitude data (6-second averages) are now online.
6-second rates and intensity data have been reprocessed to ensure proper time-syncing of data records with the attitude/orbit data.
Online attitude/orbit data documentation has been greatly improved.

March, 2007
Intensity data (6-second averages) for full mission are now online.

Feb, 2007
Rates data (6-second averages) for full mission are now online.

Jan, 2007
Orbit data (6-second averages) for full mission are now online. Attitude data will be ready within a few months.

Master Data Files (Level 0 data) in IDL's XDR data format are now online, for full mission.

Jan 1, 2006
Solar particle event spectra are now online.

April 26, 2005
Added link to PET L-sort plots provided by Shrikanth Kanekal

April 24, 2005
Web interface to 6-second rates and attitude/orbit data complete, and running with a 5-day sample of data.

Dec 9, 2004
This whole website is new! No data yet, but let us know what you think of the website layout...