ACE SWICS 1.1 Level 2 Data

Solar Wind Density (He), Speeds, Composition, and Charge States

Note: - SWICS 1.1 is the SWICS instrument prior to August 23, 2011, when a radiation and age-induced hardware anomaly altered the instrument's operational state. It should not be confused with SWICS 2.0, the data set for the time period after the anomaly.

1 Hour Averages   (Solar wind density (He), speeds, average Q-states, Fe/O)

2 Hour Averages   (Same as 1 hour, but adds elemental abundances)

2 Hour Averages   (Charge-State Distributions)
Daily Averages   (He density, average Q-states, elemental abundances)
Full Mission through Aug 23, 2011

SWICS 1.1 Data Documentation

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