ACE Browse Data

(NOT Publication Quality)


ACE browse data are designed for monitoring large scale particle and field behavior and for selecting interesting time periods. The data are automatically generated from the spacecraft data stream using simple algorithms provided by the instrument investigators. They are not routinely checked for accuracy and are subject to revision. Use these data at your own risk, and consult with the appropriate instrument investigators about citing them. Click here to find out more about the purpose and limitations of the browse data.
If you are looking for data suitable for serious scientific studies, you need *ACE Level 2 data*.

The purpose of the ACE browse data is to quickly provide first-order ACE mission results to the science community. The data include Solar wind parameters, interplanetary magnetic field data, solar and cosmic ray particle fluxes. To see a list of the data items we provide (or plan to provide), have a look at the ACE Browse Parameter List.

Please by sending email to us with your NAME and EMAIL address. You will be notified when interesting Browse parameter related events occur such as major reprocessing or error corrections.

The DIAL Experimental Data Server that is being used at the ACE Science Center to allow web-browsing of HDF data files was jointly developed by Hughes STX and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications under contract to NASA/GSFC. The ACE Science Center has customized the software for the ACE dataset.

Last Updated: October, 2018
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