ACE Science Center Web Services

A web services interface to ACE data products is under development. ACE data products are described in XML, using the SPASE data model, and the service uses the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) as the communications protocol to handle queries.

Currently, the service handles three queries:


June 7, 2006: We have reworked our metadata and service to be SPASE 1.0.1 compatible. The API has changed, so client software downloaded prior to June 7 2006 will not work.

A draft WSDL for the service is now available.


Please send us email feedback if you download and use any of our software (see address at bottom of this page).

XML descriptions of ACE MAG, SWEPAM, SWICS, and EPAM data, using the SPASE data model.

An example client application, written in Perl.

The server software, also written in Perl.

A Perl interface to the legacy ACE data server. This application is used by the web service described above, but it can also be used standalone.

A presentation describing the service (Spring 2005 AGU meeting), in PDF.


Virtual Space Physics Observatory (VSPO)
Virtual Heliospheric Observatory (VHO)
Collaborative Sun-Earth Connector (CoSEC)