ACE Spacecraft Housekeeping Temperature Plots

PDF file of time-histories of all temperatures

Jpeg plots of individual time-histories:
EPAM LAN 2B Sensor temp thermistor  Solid State Recorder B PWRTEMP  Sepica_IsoTank  
EPAM LAN 2A Electronics temp thermistor  Solid State Recorder A PWRTEMP  Uleis_DPU  
EPAM LAN 1 Electronics temp thermistor  C&DH Component B Outside Box near base  Uleis_AnalogElec  
MAG Outboard (Sensor B)*/  C&DH Component A Outside Box near base  Uleis_Telescope  
MAG Inboard (Sensor A)*/  C&DH Component Oscillator  Swics_Int  
-Y Side panel #1  +X Side Panel Btw Batt and Term Bds  Swims_Int  
-X Side panel #1  Inst. Deck position TBD #2  Sis_Int2  
+Y Side panel #1  LinesNegX  Sis_Int1  
+X Side Panel #1  LinesPosX  Cris_Int2  
Aft Deck center of deck  LinesB  Cris_Int1  
-Y Hinge Blanket  LinesA  sun sensor (-X/-Y)  
+Y DEck Near Antenna Base  TankB2  near +X edge by Pylon  
-X Solar Array Panel Hinge  TankB1  near -Y edge  
-X Solar Array Panel  TankA2  near MFI S3DPU &SIS I/F  
+X Solar Array Panel Hinge  TankA1  near +X/+Y edge by SWICS I/F  
+X Solar Array Panel  S3DPU_PowSupB  near +Y/-X edge  
Battery 2 top of Cell Z-end  TermBoardFuse1  near EPAM I/F and -X edge  
Battery 1 Top of Center Cell  SwepamI_Int  near ULEIS Elec Box  
-X Side Panel near digital shunt box  SwepamE_Int  near Center by SEPICA I/F  
-Y Side panel near PSDE  S3DPU_PowSupA  star tracker  

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