ACE SEPICA Level 2 Data

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Solar Energetic Particle Element Fluxes

Due to failure of the valves that control gas flow through the instrument, active control of the SEPICA proportional counter is no longer possible. At this time, we do not expect to deliver any SEPICA data beyond Feb 4 2005, unless one of the valves opens by itself, as has happened a few times in the past.

120-second Averages   (Bartels rotation   DOY/Year)

Hourly Averages   (Bartels rotation   DOY/Year)

Daily Averages   (Bartels rotation   DOY/Year)
(Not currently available)

Bartels Rotation (27-day) Averages   (begin DOY/Year - end DOY/Year)
(Not currently available)

SEPICA Data Documentation

ACE Level 2 HDF files

ACE Level 2 HDF files via ftp

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